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LEAP Reveals Music Video for ‘Where The Silence Goes’

LEAP has released Stanley Kubrick-inspired visuals for his latest rock-blasting single, Where The Silence Goes.

LEAP 2020

LEAP is the new solo project from London-based troubadour Jack Balfour Scott. Where The Silence Goes is a follow-up to his debut single N.L.T.D, released in 2020.

Delving into the darkness that resides within, LEAP offers a piece of himself in his new song, creating a pure moment of self-awareness. With a spine-tingling chorus and ardent vocals guiding us through, Where The Silence Goes is sure to send shivers down your spine as electrifying riffs, pounding drums and ominous keys play against each other violently. Inspired by the work of Stanley Kubrick and 00’s vampire flicks, the accompanying visuals only magnify the eerie feel with the cinematic and retro-styled shots, adding to the dark mystique of LEAP.

Speaking on the new single, LEAP shares:

‘Where The Silence Goes’ is a song I wrote about embracing your inner animal and allowing the darker, more lustful beast within to come out to play once in a while.