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MARCELO DE LA VEGA Shares New Single ‘Broke & Criminal’

In his sophomore offering, Marcelo De La Vega transforms heartbreak into an infectious sound.


Following on from the release of his debut single Told You last year, Marcelo De La Vega returns with his first taste of 2021, Broke & Criminal. The track is lifted off his forthcoming debut EP Conversation, offering a further hint of what’s to come. Bringing soulful vocals onto throbbing beats, he crafts a hooking sound that you will not be able to resist grooving out to.

Speaking more on what inspired the track, Marcelo shares:

‘Broke & Criminal’ was a really weird and hard song to write. I wrote it after a girlfriend and I had broken up. I found out that she had been cheating on me and I was hurt and angry. A couple of months after we broke up, we hooked up at a party. I found out later that she was still with her then new boyfriend. It was an exceptionally hard and confronting time, because all the feelings I had previously felt, I now had a part of impacting on someone else. ‘Broke & Criminal’ is a reflection song about this time, and the anger that came with it.

Accompanying the single with a co-directed music video, Marcelo explains the Tarantino influences:

The characters are based on Mickey and Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers and we see them with a stolen car, a house they have broken into, and living outside of society with no one around in their own romantic world. The character that I play is obsessed with the girl and will do anything for her, and it continues from the ‘Told You’ clip, when this crazy girl who is dancing on the street and seeing clouds, picks me up at the end.