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CHARLOTTE GRAYSON Unveils New Track ‘Coffee’

Charlotte Grayson muses over the end of a relationship in her acoustic pop tune Coffee.

Charlotte Grayson 2021

Hailing from the North East of England, Charlotte Grayson has returned with the first taste of her upcoming new full-length. Coffee follows up on her 2020 debut album Grow.

With a touch of summer nostalgia to it, Coffee is a delightful cut of acoustic pop with an indie edge. Opening with the playful sing-along intro, the track is sure to have you hooked in from the very first note. Bouncy instrumentals and Grayson’s warm vocals blend together masterfully, adding a joyful element to the rather sad love story. Tackling the theme of a relationship on the verge of collapse, Coffee offers a glimpse into Grayson’s flair for honest songwriting.