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ARRAN GEORGE Releases New Single ‘A Meeting’

UK singer-songwriter Arran George has released his newest moody single A Meeting.

Arran George 2021

Shroud with broodiness, A Meeting is textured with cavernous guitar melodies, rasp stricken vocals and slightly agitated lyrics – making this bedroom ballad equally as comforting as it is unsettling.

While musically it can lull you to sleep, its message will keep you up at night with a racing mind – showcasing Arran George’s talents as a writer and seemingly uses the track as a carrier for his distaste for that which surrounds him.

When it comes to sharing the story behind it, George has this to say:

You don’t ever find quite reflective time in modern life, only in dreams. We buffer our yearning for a truly meaningful existence with constant entertainment and this song is exploring why we probably do it. Sometimes, the most miserable ideas we have are the most cutting and seem to be insightful or truthful but they’re not.

Everyone falls down a chasm of pointless, childish nihilism from time to time. I hope its core message doesn’t resonate deeply with too many people but I think it probably will.