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The new EP announcement arrives with a music video for new single nrvs again.

dad sports 2021

To celebrate their signing to acclaimed US indie label Grand Jury Music last year, Canadian trio dad sports have announced their new EP, I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!!, set for release on March 19th.

The band has also released visuals for their inspiring and emotionally revealing new single, nrvs again. With a lo-fi quality to their sound, dad sports conjure up an infectious blend of upbeat instrumentation and warm vocal tones on their new track, creating a feelgood slice of indie-pop goodness and jangle-pop charm. “An ode to believing in yourself, even if it takes time to get there”, nrvs again offers a word of encouragement, reminding us that the road to self-acceptance and self-worth is not an easy one, but it sure is rewarding and full of wonders.

Speaking on the new single, Plante shares:

I wrote the chorus for this song 2018, before dad sports was even a thing. I had just met Keith, Alex had just picked up the bass, and I was just beginning to write music. I was still finding myself as an artist and was pretty (nrvs) about what others would think of my songs. These insecurities are what shaped the lyrics. I realized that you’re always gonna be insecure in some way about your art, but that’s just part of the process of improving 🙂 🙂 Also I have Alex and Keith to tell me if my lyrics are shit now LOL.