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Radio X Presents JAKE BUGG, TOM GRENNAN and DMA’S With Barclaycard

Enlisting the help of Jake Bugg, Tom Grennan and DMA’S, Radio X and Barclaycard spice up your night in with a specially streamed show.

Radio X Barclaycard

When nights in have become the norm, a little extra entertainment and excitement is always welcome and that’s exactly what Radio X and Barclaycard have sought to do with their specially streamed live gig. Featuring Tom Grennan, Jake Bugg and DMA’S, it reminded us of the magical energy of shows and brought the electricity home when we can’t go out to experience it. Hosted by Radio X’s Toby Tarrant, the night mixed in musical sets with more light-hearted games that the musicians played, providing an all-rounded evening of fun.

Kicking off the night on a high was Tom Grennan, who brought his thrilling tracks and infectious charisma to our screens. Performing a set that spanned his discography, covering his latest singles from Lets Go Home Together to earlier breakout track Found What I’ve Been Looking For, the suspense and excitement was kept high throughout. His vocal prowess shone through in the emotional Little Bit Of Love, while the combined force of having backup singers in Amen packed a hooking punch for an unforgettable chorus. Maintaining eye contact with the camera and delivering a dynamic performance, Tom Grennan brought us right into the venue with him in an exhilarating set.

Tom Grennan Radio X Barclaycard Tom Grennan Radio X Barclaycard

Tom Grennan Radio X Barclaycard

Toning down the energy slightly, we were taken all the way to a rooftop in Sydney, Australia for a stripped-back set from DMA’S. With the help of acoustic guitars, a violin, and a keyboard, the band brought out a more tender and heartfelt balance with their music. The high vocals in Silver will bring a sense of calm, and you can imagine kicking back on a rainy night, curled up with a hot drink to feel soothed by this set. The warm textures in Delete will ease you, before The Glow slightly drives the pace up to introduce a spark in the otherwise mellow performance.

DMA'S Radio X Barclaycard DMA'S Radio X Barclaycard DMA'S Radio X Barclaycard

Returning to London for the final rush of the evening, Jake Bugg provides a searing end to the entertainment. Armed with his guitar, he ploughs through an exhilarating selection of tracks including Rabbit Hole, All I Need and old favourite Lightning Bolt. With a feel-good vibe that you cannot resist, particularly as his backup vocalists start dancing along while harmonising, he is sure to get you off your couch and dancing along. Or tapping your feet at the very least – the groove from his music is irresistible and the fast pace will get your heart pumping along. It’s a euphoric way to end an evening of entertainment, and although we still pine after the days we could go and see musicians in-person, this evening has been a good filler to satisfy some of our adrenaline cravings.

Jake Bugg Radio X Barclaycard Jake Bugg Radio X Barclaycard Jake Bugg Radio X Barclaycard

Highlights from Radio X Presents Jake Bugg, Tom Grennan and DMA’S with Barclaycard plus interviews with the artists will be available exclusively on Global Player and Radio X social platforms from 7pm on Sunday 28th February.