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ROSIE DARLING Stuns With New Single ‘Water Me Down’

Deeply introspective and comforting, Water Me Down is an alt-pop dream.

Rosie Darling 2021

LA-based newcomer Rosie Darling continues to raise the bar for herself as she offers up tender new single, Water Me Down. The track is taken from her debut EP Coping, set for release on April 2nd via Nettwerk Records.

Championing self-love, the track finds Darling reflecting on her past experiences and looking within for her authentic self. Bathed in dreamy tones, Water Me Down feels like a gentle sonic drizzle, showcasing Darling’s soothing vocals layered over a carefully paced electronic backdrop. With a touch of melancholy pop added in to the mix, it’s an aesthetically minimal and lyrically poignant song that will bring you some comfort and relief from your everyday struggles.

Speaking on the new release, Rosie Darling shares:

After living in LA for a few years, I’ve experienced my fair share of judgment, whether in the music industry or my day-to-day friendships. As I grow, I recognize who is loving and supporting me unconditionally. ‘Water Me Down’ is about realizing who those people are and embracing them while also being brave enough to let go of those I want to fix or change; I’ve learned the hard way that I am not responsible for their choices. This song is sort of a note to self about remembering your worth and that you are ALREADY enough. You are already “flowing over” with worth, and no one is allowed to take that away from you.