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KINN Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Chase The Sun’

Bringing ethereal vocals and airy accompaniments, Chase The Sun is the stunning new track from Kinn that will lift you from your everyday modalities.

Kinn 2021

Nashville musician Kinn shares her breathtaking new single Chase The Sun. Allowing feather-light vocals to float atop docile electronics, the track’s delicate tread will bring a soothing presence and lift you into a dreamy trance. The questioning tone pierces at concepts and thoughts that cross beyond our daily actions and offers a larger-than-life inquiry about our motives and dreams.

Speaking more about this, Kinn shares:

This song dives in to the side effects of pursuit. It feels brave and naive at the same time to chase something bigger than yourself. There’s the expectations that dwindle, the years that add up, the whispers to question… but it’s extremely beautiful.

She continues:

I started to realize that you don’t always need to know what the song means when you’re writing it, it’s so much more about discovery, about letting it evolve with you. ‘Chase The Sun’ came together by stringing a bunch of phrases together that didn’t feel like they fit until the song was finished. Relentlessly chase what’s in your heart, what makes you come alive.