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RIVALS Team Up With Dutch Melrose for Searing New Single ‘Change Things’

The single comes alongside RIVALS’ sophomore release, Sad Looks Pretty On Me.

rivals 2021

Los Angeles alt rockers RIVALS have been crafting away behind the scenes on their sophomore album, and celebrate the release of it into the world at the same time as dropping the music video for Change Things. To say it’s an exciting period for the band would be a slight understatement; between the crunching riffs on the album and the thought-out narrative behind the Change Things video, the band’s future vision is sharpened and one you will want to be onboard for.

Speaking about the release, vocalist Kalie Wolfe explains:

3 years. That’s how long we worked on this record. 100 songs, that’s how many instrumentals we wrote, over 35 with vocals. We spent so many hours in the studio with different people to create a diverse and crazy range of songs that somehow still sound like RIVALS. ‘Sad Looks Pretty On Me’ is a step into another world. We hope you enjoy the dive from pop to metal, from emo rap/rock to post-hardcore, and everything in between. Don’t forget, happy is temporary, but make those moments of sadness look good on you. You’re strong. You’re amazing. And you’re worth it.