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CHAIN OF ISLANDS Release New Single ‘Shelter’

Pop duo Chain Of Islands embrace their scars with a renewed sense of confidence in their stunning new ballad Shelter.

Chain of Islands

Comprising of Nick Goins and Derek Vautrinot, Chain Of Islands lay bare their emotions in the stripped-down new single Shelter. The track follows their pop delight, Foreign, released earlier this year. On Shelter, the duo pairs R&B-inspired tender vocal stylings with alt-pop leaning production to create a heartfelt slow-burner. Adorned with glistening guitar licks, soft synths, and touching lyrics, Shelter is an anthem for the heart.

Speaking on the new single, the duo shares:

‘Shelter’ is a song about someone caring for you so much that they attempt to protect you from anything that may hurt you. In this intense desire to protect you from harm, they actually stifle your ability to grow and flourish, to look after yourself in the face of adversity. It reflects on past injuries and failures but is ultimately a song of healing and having faith in one’s own strength.