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SIMONE Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Boy Of My Dreams’

New York-based newcomer Simone reflects on a past relationship in her dream-pop fantasy, Boy Of My Dreams.

Simone 2021

Following the release of her bouncy pop bop, Kissing Strangers, 16-yeard-old Simone takes things down a notch with the heartfelt new offering Boy Of My Dreams. The tracks are taken from her upcoming new EP, Love Lessons, set for release this summer.

Musing on the complexities of love, Simone creates a moment of hopeless romanticising in her new song. Boy Of My Dreams is a love letter of sorts, revealing the bitter truth of the past but also bringing a spark of hope for the future. With a touch of melancholy sweetness to the track, Simone paints the air with light acoustic brushes and soft vocals to shape a tender slice of dream-pop bliss.

Speaking on the new release, Simone shares:

‘Boy Of My Dreams’ is a song I wrote after ending a relationship that really damaged my perception of love. The song is a reflection on that experience as well as the opinions on love I had at the time: everyone settles, everything ends, and even the boy of my dreams could turn out to be a disappointment.