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WORLD’S FIRST CINEMA Share New Single ‘The Woods’

Navigating our way through the realm of darkness, The Woods is an adventurous cut of pop-rock splendour.

World's First Cinema 2021

Inspired by fantasy books and horror movies, World’s First Cinema had quickly adapted a storytelling approach to their songwriting which was evident in their debut EP, Rituals, released earlier this year. As they return with their bold new single The Woods, the duo continues to create buzz with their expansive and anthemic sound.

With a visual and cinematic quality to it, The Woods conjures up a darkly-tinged fantasy world ruled by magic and mystery. The emotion behind the vocals is palpable, soaring high with exuberant production and vibrant instrumentals. On The Woods, World’s First Cinema pair radio-ready pop hooks with rock-infused elements, carving out their own sound effortlessly.

Speaking on the new single, the duo explains:

‘The Woods’ takes listeners on a journey to survive the night in a forbidden forest whilst dangerous and mystical predators close in on all sides.

Sonically the track implements intricate pop rock production peppered with unique movie foley sounds to bring the story to life in vivid color. Climaxing in a huge ballad-esque chorus, the song boasts a unique perspective in the Pop Rock world.

‘The Woods’ acts as the first offering in a universe building lore inspired by the band’s obsession with Horror movies and Dungeons & Dragons. The stage is set to swallow listeners into a world synonymous with what we typically see only in books, tv shows & films.