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MONDAY GARDEN Soothe With New Single ‘here, tonight’

Feel yourself get pulled into a trance with here, tonight.

Monday Garden

Although technology evokes a love-hate feeling from us, it definitely brought a benefit for Monday Garden as it provides a platform for the virtual project between three siblings in different locations around the world. Taking advantage of being able to message back and forth, and collaborate on projects through shared cloud storage, they are able to deliver their dreamy new track here, tonight which will soothe you with its tranquil vocals and chilled out beats. Creating an illusory sound where lo-fi influences blend together with an easygoing pop melody, their music flows without resistance to get right into your heart and charm you with its allure.

There’s a certain beauty in not holding things off until it’s too late, and this is the message that Monday Garden reinforce in here, tonight. A lulling chorus gently advises against holding back our words and feelings, but instead embracing them for all they are and sharing them with the ones we love. In the words of the band, “We shouldn’t wait to tell people we love them, this song is mostly about that.”