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DEMONS OF RUBY MAE Share New Single ‘Alright’

Thought-provoking yet life-affirming, Alright is the latest single from Demons Of Ruby Mae.

Demons Of Ruby Mae

In their first release of 2021, Demons Of Ruby Mae embark on a path of deep introspection as they explore a philosophy of life values in the age of consumerism. With a sense of palpable urgency and immediacy to the sound, Alright is a stirring cut of indie-rock brilliance, glistening with ardent vocals, racing drums and crisp guitar riffs. As the song progresses, a spark of true emotion flares within, reminding us to cherish every moment and appreciate the small things in life.

Speaking on the new single, the duo explains:

In a world of consumerism, we’re all guilty of searching for the next best thing that we think is going to make us happy, but is it everlasting? And are we ever truly fulfilled from it? ‘Alright’ is intended to be a simple and to the point track, about living your life in as simple a way as possible, with the people and things that matter.