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CANDOR Gets Vulnerable in New Single ‘Bed We Made’

Tackling the discomfort that accompanies a breakup, Candor shares his relatable new single Bed We Made.


Taking a venture as a solo musician, Candor (Jackson Stokes) is a musical project designed to explore the more raw side of our human experiences and music production. In his sophomore single Bed We Made, he opens up to discomfort and the other unpleasant feelings that come over us when we experience the disintegration of a relationship. Instead of shying away from those emotions, he acknowledges them and embraces the coming of them as part of the process for healing and moving on, bringing a release and catharsis along the way. Through unfiltered vocals and tender electronics, Candor gently broaches these subjects in such a way as to offer a sense of closure and provide the comfort that you can, and will, move on.

Getting honest about the process behind penning the track, Candor shares:

This song represents exactly how I felt when coming back home alone after a break up and the uncomfortableness I felt without my ex-partner living there anymore. I wrote this with Valentin Fritz (from Fiji Blue) and Orion Meshorer, where I nearly broke down in tears several times during the session. I poured my heart into this, and I know how relatable it can be for other people going through the same thing.