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SYML Soothes With New Track ‘DIM’

The title track to be taken from his forthcoming EP, DIM continues the heart-soothing sound that SYML has built up.


All-round musician Brian Fennell, crafting under the moniker of SYML, returns with the title track from his new EP DIM. A self-taught producer, programmer, engineer, SYML brings his own twist into a soothing sphere of music to create sounds that strike into the depths of your heart and lifts the burdens off your shoulders. For DIM, SYML branched out in his collaborations for the first time, working together with producer Paul Meany and mixing support from Joe Visciano, and he shares his thoughts, “People like Paul and Joe act as mirrors instead of wrecking balls. They showed me different angles of my songs and creative process that have ultimately made each better. When you find people like that to collaborate with, it’s a feeling of equal parts excitement and humility.”

In eponymous single DIM, SYML strikes the balance between delicacy and impact by bringing rousing strings and tender piano accompaniments into the same sphere, marrying them into a warming sound that will melt even the coldest of hearts. It slots into the overall theme of the EP on loss, about which SYML explains:

This EP is largely about losing those close to us. Calling it ‘DIM’ really applies to the light we carry during our time here. When those lights go out, it’s this sort of dimming process, but rather than living in that sadness – even though I think that’s a really healthy thing to do, to stay in that cozy, warm blanket sadness sometimes – it’s about honoring what that light was, and realizing that there’s still that same light in all of us that are still here.