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In The Spotlight // BOY DESTROY

‘In The Spotlight’ offers the chance to get to know the acts we are most excited for in 2021.

Boy Destroy

You’ve heard about some of the artists that we’re most excited for this year. Now, get ready to hear from the artists themselves as we shine a spotlight on their personality, the year just past, and their most anticipated musical artists. This week, we catch up with Boy Destroy, the Swedish newcomer who has rapidly secured his exceptional place within modern alternative music, due to his subtly versatile approach to the genre.

He recently released his coming-of-age debut EP Warpaint, as well as gloomy, intense visuals for Favourite, the sensual slow jam of the project. Lyrical vulnerability is at the heart of BD’s music and this is particularly recognisable in You Don’t Want Me When I’m Sober, an infectious anthem which grapples with addiction, and the addictive alt-R&B track Beautiful Crimes. Boy Destroy’s intricate sound marries his adolescent self’s love for 90s alternative rock with modern emo and trap influences. Echoing his unique alias, he describes his speculative debut EP as a story “about the boy destroyed.” Though he has authentically spilled his thoughts in his new EP, we were still curious to know more! Get ready to learn about everything from hopes and dreams to useless talents, as we delve into the unique mind of Boy Destroy.

What’s integral to the work of an artist?

Honesty, honestly! The stories can be made up, but you need to understand the emotions that lie beneath them to tell them in a way that is truthful. And hard work (duh) – it’s a crazy life to choose really, but it’s so rewarding in so many ways.

Are there any behind-the-scenes stories of recording your Warpaint EP that you can share with us?

Not really man, I like watching birds though. As I am writing this I am locking eyes with a seagull. Staring into its animal soul, exchanging our curiosity for warmth and learning from one another.

How would you describe the project to someone at a dinner party that’s never heard of you?

It sounds like if Billy Corgan and Travis Scott started a band and told the stories of a Caravaggio angel, fallen from heaven and given a new life in the shadows.

What advice would you give to your pre-lockdown self?

Enjoy being around people. I never did to be honest, I always took that for granted. But I must admit that sitting in a café, looking at people enjoying their everyday life is a blessing. I see that now. Just being able to travel is something that I miss too.

How would you sum up your 2020 in one sentence?

Productive, introspective, reflective.

Name one thing you can’t imagine your life without.

My girl. Shit don’t work without her.

What is the most useless talent you have?

I’m a decent chess player. It’s not on-the-nose useless, but since I’m not doing anything with it I guess from a productive standpoint it’s not that important.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2021?

I want to get out and play music. A few live gigs this fall would be amazing. Other than that I want the world to wake up from its many years long slumber, and for people to see each other again, and start being honest with themselves.

Which artists excite you the most this year?

Dominic Fike baby, Jim E Stack, Phem, Bülow, Truman Grey, Lil Cobaine, a thousand more.

And finally, what does your music say about you?

It speaks about who I am, who I aspire to be and who my imagination sometimes dreams I was.