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JANETHAN Amazes With Bold Anthem ‘Fuck You’

Already renowned for being a powerhouse performer, Janethan unsurprisingly channels this soulful energy in his fearless and forthright latest single, Fuck You.


Gritty beats, passionate vocals and admirably self-assured lyricism combines together to create Fuck You, an explosive and explicitly candid anthem about removing toxicity from your life.

Influenced by the eclectic genres of Dance, House, RnB, and Kpop, Janethan has managed to develop a powerful sound which is both familiar to the listener, but also completely exhilarating and modern.

Full to the brim with nerve and transparency, Fuck You embodies the phrase “empowered people empower people”, as we hear Janethan daringly progressing forward, away from toxicity, which inspires listeners to do the same. Janethan sincerely speaks for everyone, who has endured negativity from toxic people, when he sings “I don’t really have the time for all of your bad vibes, so I’m saying f*ck you, yeah, I’m over it”.

Speaking on the new single, Janethan says:

This is an anthem for everyone who’s had to get rid of a toxic ex. It’s a feel good, carefree, “I’ll just be fine” vibe that I’m sure will resonate as we’ve all been through it.

Electrifying and empowering, both in its unequivocal lyricism and uniquely upbeat sonics, Janethan’s latest release is a positively-charged anthem which will resonate with many.