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Monthly Archives: May 2021


Artist Of The Week // URL

Shimmering synths and wavy textures transport you to the blissful sonic world of url, and his newest track honey is not a place you would be in a hurry to leave. Orlando-based producer and singer url is returning with his new single honey, a glistening

Parris Mitchell 2021

PARRIS MITCHELL Shares New Single ‘charger’

With flickering beats and a poppy melody, charger is the easygoing new single from Parris Mitchell. Allowing his own vulnerability to shine through his music, Parris Mitchell offers a safe space within his calm new single charger. Addressing the awkward conversations that we sometimes have

blackwave 2021

BLACKWAVE. Unveil Video for New Single ‘recluse’

Marking their first release of 2021, recluse is the dazzling single and video from blackwave. Antwerp-based rapper Jay Atohoun and singer-producer William Ardui have teamed up to cumulate their musical ideas and creativity into their joint project, blackwave., and they shared their first new material


BREEZER Thrill With New Single ‘Alive’

Living up to the track name, the newest track from Breezer is sure to make you feel Alive. Hastings outfit Breezer are here to make a splash with their debut single, Alive. Packed with thrumming riffs and driving guitars, its high energy is irresistible and


OLI Charms With New Track ‘Think About It’

Poignantly musing, Think About It is the stunning new single from OLI. London-based musician OLI returns with another heartrending and achingly poignant track in the form of Think About It. Offering a lush soundtrack of warm-toned brass, soothing vocals and tender piano chords, it’s a


ViVii Release New Single ‘Smackdown’

Taken from their new album, Mondays, Smackdown is the alt-pop delight from ViVii. Swedish dream-pop outfit ViVii have released their sophomore album Mondays alongside the new focus single Smackdown. Built around shimmering instrumentation and soaring melodies, the new track showcases a more vibrant side to the trio’s


BELOT Shares Upbeat Pop Bop ‘Kiss You’

Cheeky, clean-cut pop music is once again displayed from Belot in new track, Kiss You. London-based Belot isn’t scared of speaking her mind and, using music as her muse, she does so by creating energetic, feelgood pop songs; a lot of the time written based