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BELOT Shares Upbeat Pop Bop ‘Kiss You’

Cheeky, clean-cut pop music is once again displayed from Belot in new track, Kiss You.


London-based Belot isn’t scared of speaking her mind and, using music as her muse, she does so by creating energetic, feelgood pop songs; a lot of the time written based on gossip overheard in her coffee-shop job. Bounding onto London’s scene just last year, Belot has already made quite an impression, and is preparing to release her second EP. 2021 saw the release of Bed, and the enjoyable vibes seen there have continued into her latest single, Kiss You.

The track is a comedic commentary on how “Jennifer” is not the right woman for the person you love, and fresh, summery beats are combined with Belot’s spoken-word-like verses to create a sound almost reminiscent of the likes of Ashniko and old-school GIRLI. The chorus is addictive and gets stuck in your head after just one listen, and all this combined with Belot’s cheeky lyricism has created the perfect addition to your summer playlist.

On the single, Belot comments:

‘Kiss You’ is about realising that you have feelings for your friend whilst they are dating someone else that you feel is wrong for them. You’ve been patiently waiting for them to catch up and realise that you’re the one for them!