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SUNS UP Release Vibrant New Track ‘(You’re) All I Want’

Merging summery sonics and contemplative lyrics, this track is both a delightful and thought-provoking listening experience.

Suns Up

Sussex-based band Suns Up comprise of frontman and singer David Kelly, guitarist Sam Salkeld and drummer Matt Wagstaff. In 2019, they made their mark on the indie scene with irresistible anthems such as Stay and Do What You Feel Like, and their latest release (You’re) All I Want is just as infectious.

A glimpse into the band’s past and present world, Suns Up’s latest track is reminiscent of glory days, of simpler, stress-free times, with its nostalgic lyricism and smooth guitar riffs. Showcasing the band’s introspective lyricism, David Kelly pensively sings “Why does everything that’s beautiful have to end?”

Suns Up share:

This track is about looking back on a past life. A time in a relationship when life was simpler and responsibilities were fewer, and all that really mattered in your life was who you had around you.

This wistful new anthem is the first of many exciting releases for the band this year. Stay tuned for their new EP which features production from Gethin Pearson and Max Marlow!