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OLI Charms With New Track ‘Think About It’

Poignantly musing, Think About It is the stunning new single from OLI.


London-based musician OLI returns with another heartrending and achingly poignant track in the form of Think About It. Offering a lush soundtrack of warm-toned brass, soothing vocals and tender piano chords, it’s a track that you cannot help but feel soothed by. It will be sure to calm any racing minds with its understanding lyrics and mellow textures.

Explaining the lyrical inspiration behind the track, OLI says:

There are days when you won’t have any control over your thoughts, you’ll think of anything and everything all at once. I wanted the song to show how that felt. When it’s late at night and all I can tell myself is ‘don’t over think’, whilst knowing I absolutely will anyway.

The single was also accompanied by a video, which saw snippets of OLI’s upbringing from real life home-movies. Explaining this, she says:

I wanted the video to feel like someone deep in thought, maybe even being existential. It’s about the big things we take in, like the universe and our place in it. But also the small family moments that are just as important.