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KIRSTY GRANT Teases With New Track ‘Give & Take’

With a clean-cut pop sound, Give & Take is the upbeat new track from Kirsty Grant.

Kirsty Grant

Scottish-born, London-based songstress Kirsty Grant unveils her first new single of 2021 with her vibrant new track Give & Take. Throbbing with an infectious energy and pulsating electronics, her vocals cut through cleanly to deliver a bop that is perfect to dance along to this summer. Although the lyrics are drawn from a darker place, where it feels like you’re being used of your energy, the energy exuded back out from this track will give you the confidence to put yourself first.

Speaking more about the lyrics of the track, Kirsty shares:

This track was written back in 2019, and really reflects a situation that I think is so relatable. I’m sure that everyone has felt like this at some point in their life, where in a relationship, you know that you’re treating someone like it’s their birthday every day, and do all you can for them, but all they do is take.

Lyrics like “been serving on a gold plate” really stand out to me, as you can give them your all, but they never would do the same for you. It’s the realisation that even though you love someone, it doesn’t always mean that they are good for you. I hope when people listen, they feel empowered. It’s good to put yourself first, and even be selfish at times in order to be happy.

She also elaborates on the writing process:

It was so amazing taking a difficult topic, and making it into such a fun and vibrant track. It was the collaborators that really brought it to life. The dream team included Moli, Eva-Lina, Lewis Gardiner and JULEZ.