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LADYHAWKE Shares Funky New Track ‘Mixed Emotions’

With a groovy bassline, catchy hooks and a highly chantable chorus, Mixed Emotions is a fabulous entrance to a sensational summer full of dancing.


After bravely battling both post-natal depression and skin cancer for several years, 2021 is thankfully a year of personal and musical rebirth for ‘Pip’ Brown, also known as Ladyhawke. Following her collaboration with BROODS entitled Guilty Love, Mixed Emotions is the second single from Ladyhawke’s forthcoming album Time Flies, which is scheduled to be released on 8th October this year.

With vibrant guitar riffs, irresistible beats and unapologetically self-assured lyricism, like “so come on, don’t be coy, I’m a good time”, Mixed Emotions is exactly the kind of energising track all of us need to hear as we motion into brighter days.

Ladyhawke shares:

The song is about all the things you can feel with one person, sometimes all in a single day. Ups and downs, confusion, highs, and lows. And everything in between!

Beautifully, Mixed Emotions feels like the most liberating track, for Ladyhawke herself and for the listeners who will constantly be grooving along to this tune.