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HEMES Shares New Single ‘Breathe’

An ode to that special someone, Breathe is the latest pop delight from Hemes.

Hemes 2021

Based in South Wales, newcomer Hemes has shared her sophomore effort, Breathe, a follow up to her debut single, Who Needs Love. Breathe is the first single from her debut EP, Matters Of The Mind, set for release later this year.

Underscored with real heart, the new track is a delightful cut of electro-pop brilliance. Hemes’ tender vocals gently glide over a shimmering texture, pairing fluttering synths with euphoric beats. Forlorn yet uplifting, Breathe is sure to offer some comfort and a sense of reassurance to anyone who longs for their loved ones.

Speaking on the new single, Hemes says:

I wanted ‘Breathe’ to capture the feeling of needing that one person in your life who can relieve your anxieties, for me it’s my mum.

I finished the song during the pandemic because it was the longest time that I had ever been away from her, through tough times I really wished that I could just drive to see her, and that’s how ‘Breathe’ was born. I wanted the track to feel relatable, so that people can think of whoever makes them feel better, whether it’s a family member, a lover or a friend.