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CASSIA Share Woozy New Single ‘Vitamins’

Meandering guitars and laid-back vocals take you on a blissed-out chill in Vitamins.


Photo: Edgar Fischnaller

Indie trio Cassia are back with another woozy cut in the form of Vitamins, a blissful and soulful track that is imbued with emotion and masterful songwriting. The track is taken off their upcoming EP Magnifier, which is pencilled for release in July via BMG.

A bright guitar sets you off with the track’s delightfully catchy hook, and it’s not long before honeyed vocals take over in the verses to draw you into a hypnotic trance. Strolling bass lines will set you at ease, and you’ll feel all the pressure and sense of time just dissipating into the mellifluous textures of the track.

Speaking more about the meaning behind it, lead singer Rob Ellis explains:

It’s about being in a long distance relationship and the weirdly scheduled calls that become an unmissable fix, almost like a drug. The distance can bring up all kinds of uncertainties and fears but knowing the next call isn’t far away is like a vitamin boost that you need to get through the day, like a good berocca!

He further shares:

We feel like we’ve had such a crazy journey over the past couple of years. The band has taken us to so many places, and through countless experiences with amazing people. We wanted to fill the video with the moments that we feel mark the different chapters best, from venues in Macclesfield where we played our first ever gigs, to memories on tour and also some of our favourite spots in Berlin (where we’re living now). We hope that all the people who have been with us along the way can take something from it.