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CHRIS JAMES Gets Playful With ‘Will I See You Again’

Upbeat electronics and buoyant beats make Will I See You Again a pleasant, summer-essential listening from Chris James.

Chris James

German-American Chris James barely needs an introduction; having already released his debut album and co-written with BTS, the artist has been going around collecting accolades and for good reason. His newest track, Will I See You Again, is the final single from his just-released album The Fear Of Missing Out, and it sees an exploration into some of the uncertainty that comes with a burgeoning romance.

Discussing the grey area between first knowing someone and then going to know them on dates, Will I See You Again enraptures that feeling and gently encourages you to just let go and see where life takes you. Shimmering guitar textures and effervescing electronics provide the perfect laid back company for smooth vocals to glide across, and the result is an irresistible sound that is almost syrupy in its sweetness. With the upbeat tempo, it would be hard to resist dancing along to the music and you will find yourself completely captivated by the magic of the track.

Briefly elaborating, Chris says:

This is the last song I wrote for my album. I think this last year was extremely hard for me socially. I moved away from home and the question of Will I See You Again? came up in my head over and over again. I didn’t want to focus that feeling on the pandemic though because I felt so sick of thinking or talking about it, so I turned it into a love song. After meeting someone special for the first time and not being afraid to ask the simple question: Will I See You Again?