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MABES Charms With New Track ‘Radio’

Bringing a nostalgic and sing-along vibe, Radio is the infectious new single from Mabes.

Mabes 2021

Up-and-coming UK musician Mabes marries the sounds of pop and the sensibilities of country in a manner that you won’t be able to resist, drawing the best aspects of both to bring hooking melodies that are perfect for sing-alongs and still hit you in your feelings with sentimental lyricism. Having first picked up the guitar at 15, she pursued her passion with fervour, previously balancing music alongside her previous full-time career. After releasing her debut album, she’s bringing more new material with her newest single Radio, an earworm of a track that will make you look back fondly at your youth and your first love.

Captivating you with her charming vocals, Mabes brings an innocent, almost childish, feeling to the track as she dives back into the carefree days of crushes and figuring out how to navigate butterflies in your stomach. A hooking melody is designed for a sing-along with the ‘la la la’s, and a bright piano cuts through sun-drenched guitars and laid-back drum beats in the chorus to bring you up to a high.

Speaking more about the meaning behind the track, Mabes explains:

I wrote ‘Radio’ about hearing a song that takes you back years… in this instance it reminds me of a past relationship that I look back on fondly. The lyrics mention how I always skip this song, but I hear it in the back of a taxi and it’s in my head for ages reminding me of that past love.