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KIRSTY GRANT Shares New Track ‘Bad Boys, Good Girls’

Bad Boys, Good Girls will also be featuring on Kirsty Grant’s upcoming debut EP, Chain Reaction.

Kirsty Grant 2021

Following on from the release of Give & Take, Scottish musician Kirsty Grant has filled us with more excitement as she announces her forthcoming debut EP, Chain Reaction, and shares sophomore single Bad Boys, Good Girls. A glittering slice of sun-kissed pop, it will cement Kirsty’s name as one to follow as she effortlessly crafts her own sonic corner of elation.

Building up from a base of breezy vocals, freckled with fluttering electronics, the verses will make you feel as if you are observing Kirsty’s thoughts from a distance, as you’re sufficiently drawn in by her candid songwriting style without getting tied down. As the synths storm through the chorus, you’ll be gripped into the enthralling texture that bops and sways with the flow of emotions and you’ll find yourself completely immersed by the music. Spinning a narrative of relationship troubles and incompatible personalities, the track ultimately triumphs and sends an empowering message that channelling your energy into yourself and your own happiness is the most rewarding.

Elaborating further on this, Kirsty shares:

The song is about the realisation that you can’t change someone, and finally deciding to give up and focus on yourself and your own happiness. I love lines like “Now I don’t mess with cupid” as it summarises the songs meaning so well. It’s the typical story of thinking you can change a “bad boy” but it just inevitably ends in heartbreak.

When I listen to the song it makes me feel so empowered as it’s so upbeat and energetic, and has such a strong message behind it. It was written/recorded and produced during the lockdown in 2020. The track and the team behind it has brought me so much joy, I am so happy that it will finally be out for everyone to hear.