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ALL THE REST Return With New Single ‘Heat Sweat’

After they announced a hiatus in 2020, All The Rest are back with a refreshed vigour and they prove it with their return single Heat Sweat.

All The Rest 2021

Atlanta’s All The Rest had a booming start when they arrived in 2019, scoring features on Spotify playlists and amassing over 5 million streams, but like many other musicians, they found themselves a bit stuck when the pandemic hit in 2020. Calling an indefinite hiatus, their future looked uncertain for a while, but they’ve broken that ambiguity as they return with new single Heat Sweat.

With a summery melody, the guitars breeze past your ear with an easygoing nature that brushes aside any worries you may have had. It’s a sound of carefreeness and newfound freedom, and it’s an apt page turn for this new chapter of the band. It combines the best of pop and indie to charm you with teasing vocals and playful tambourine beats, and as a cheeky bass line plugs away underneath, you’ll want to let yourself fall headfirst for the track.

The release marks the first song to be taken off the band’s forthcoming eponymous EP, All The Rest. Speaking more about their comeback, the band shares:

We are incredibly excited to release ‘Heat Sweat’ as our first single in over a year. As for most, 2020 brought it’s fair share of challenges for us as both individuals and a band. Last summer we announced All The Rest would be on an indefinite hiatus. Covid alone may have been enough to kill off a lot of our pier’s bands, but for us it went a little bit deeper than music. None of us were in a great place and there was a lot of internal resentment. Somewhere along the way we let our passions undermine our personal relationships. Then life got crazy. From rehab and recovery, to major breakups and family crises. It was a hell of a year but it was a time we desperately needed to focus on ourselves. Flash forward to 2021, all in a much better place, but still asking ourselves “Are we really done? Is that all we have to say?”. For some of us, sadly, its true, but All The Rest still has music to write and a story to tell. We’ve always poured our hearts into our music and we believe this new song is nothing short of that. ‘Heat Sweat’ is a song for anyone who’s ever been stuck in the friend zone. We hope you love it.