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ROMA Releases Introspective Single ‘under my shirt’

Lyrically transparent and vocally heartfelt, this track was therapeutically written to encourage processing and self-reflection; it is a truly cathartic listening experience.

ROMA 2021

Essentially the musical lovechild of James Blake and Amy Winehouse, ROMA is an independent artist, songwriter and pianist based in the East Village of New York. With a noticeably raspy baritone voice, ROMA stuns with his effortless charisma and authentically raw songs. Due to his multicultural heritage and exposure to classical and jazz genres whilst he was growing up, ROMA’s sound is eclectically diverse and completely engaging.

Provoked by a turbulent summer which saw ROMA hold a funeral for his lost molar, his latest single and third release under my shirt is a satirically and self-reflective musical experiment. Produced with Josiah Bassey, this track oozes an intoxicating sense of vulnerability whilst marrying sorrowful lyricism and authentic storytelling with passionate vocals and silky guitars.

Feeling ‘a little bit stressed, a little underdressed, a little bit too much obsessed’? This sincere song welcomes you with open arms.