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NADEDJA Releases New Single ‘Bittersweet Move’

Raw and vulnerable, Bittersweet Move is the gorgeous new alt-pop ballad from Nadedja.

Nadedja 2021

Following her debut at the start of 2020, listeners didn’t hear from alt-pop singer-songwriter Nadedja until almost exactly 12 months later when she returned with Unfold. Now, going into the final part of the year, Nadedja has released Bittersweet Move, a single taken from her forthcoming debut EP.

Beautifully gut-wrenching, Bittersweet Move is the perfect, soulful ballad that tells the story of a broken heart being built back up again. It’s a song of strength, and Nadedja’s introspective vocals combine with the stunning instrumentals in a way that makes the listener sink into another world. Displaying herself as someone with a lot of love to share through her music, Bittersweet Move makes Nadedja one to keep an eye on.

On the single, Nadedja comments:

I’m in a room with you, wearing my heart on my sleeve. These are intimate keys uncovering my bottomless thoughts. It’s a conversation, a confession: things aren’t always pretty here, but I’m daring to remain open; not for you to change me, but for me to see that I’m still me, and still complete.