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BESS ATWELL Shares New Single ‘Red Light Heaven’

Bess Atwell seeks connection in her captivating new offering Red Light Heaven.

Bess Atwell 2021

Emerging singer and songwriter Bess Atwell lays bare her inner thoughts and feelings as she releases her introspective new single, Red Light Heaven. The track is taken from her upcoming new album, Already, Always, set for release on September 24th.

Touching upon the natural human need to seek connection and crave attachments, Atwell offers a full-bodied sonic experience with Red Light Heaven. Lyrically complex and sonically uplifting, the song shines with swelling melodies and driving rhythms, showcasing Atwell’s flair for pairing folksy instrumentals with indie-pop production. Soothing the soul, her tender vocals glide over the rich texture, topped with pensive lyricism that highlights the confessional nature of her songwriting. The track is accompanied by a video directed by the renowned Jamie Thraves, best known for his work on Radiohead’s Just and Coldplay’s The Scientist.

Speaking on the new single, Bess Atwell explains:

This is one of those Frankenstein songs that shifted subject matter several times until it encompassed most of the record’s themes in one. It touches on the disappointment I feel about my lack of spirituality, and frustration at the attempts I’ve made to find meaning and connection. It also looks at the role I’ve played in the lives of those I love – believing that life is mostly meaningless and simultaneously dark and liberating, and I think these beliefs inform my relationships – I want to feel connected because it’s the only meaning I can draw from life.