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ELLEM Shares Driving New Single ‘Gonna Get Through’

With poignant lyricism and driving instrumentals, Ellem dazzles with her latest release Gonna Get Through.


British musician Ellem has been exposed to a variety of people and experiences, having grown up in the multi-cultural east end of London and now dividing her time in Los Angeles as well. It’s an exposure that has rooted and sparked inspiration for her music, which combines the soul and the human authenticity of these places to create a visceral sound, reflecting the raw passion for life.

With her latest single, Gonna Get Through, it’s come at a truly apt time as the world has been wracked by completely unexpected situations in the past year – but still managed to come through to see the sun at the other side. As we continue to grapple through all that life has thrown at us, the track acts as a keen reminder that the hanging clouds will pass, with rousing drums and hopeful vocals providing the drive for a better future. Sharing her reassurances, ‘I’m gonna promise you, we’re gonna both get through,’ you’ll find strength within her words and solidarity to carry you through, and it’s a welcome pick-me-up that will mark Ellem as a musician you can confide in.