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JAMES E. GRAY Shares Cosmic New Release ‘Wild Dreams And Space Themes’

Strap up for an intergalactic journey with the latest release from James E. Gray.

James E Gray

British musician James E. Gray has taken listeners on quite the cosmic tour with his past releases, and he continues to rocket through intergalactic melodies and soaring instrumentals with his latest collection Wild Dreams And Space Themes. Title to both the EP and the opening track, Wild Dreams And Space Themes encapsulates the electrifying energy that has marked James as a musician to watch for, and it offers a grandiose vision with anthemic motifs that could easily fill any and every crevice.

The track attempts to summarise the plethora of dreams, nightmares, ponderances and more that has crossed James’ consciousness, and it’s his way of questioning, ‘what would happen if one’s hand was to pass beyond the barrier between something and nothing at the edge of the universe?’ Starting off with buzzed-out guitar, it doesn’t take long for the full force of the track to kick in and whizz you off on a frenetic adventure. Through acerbic riffs and pounding drums, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into before a more atmospheric verse takes over with haunting synths and woozy electronics. Flitting between celestial themes and more gritty choruses, the contrast keeps you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the track and keeps your nerves tingling with excitement at what will come next.