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NAMES Share New Single ‘A Little More Into This’

“Fast, energetic, and relentless” is A Little More Into This, the sophomore single from Names.

Names 2021

London-based trio Names may have only debuted at the start of the summer, but they have all the substance of a band who’ve been at this forever. Their debut single Nothing’s In The Right Place gained radio play and love nationwide, and the same reception is expected from sophomore release, A Little More Into This.

Energetic melodies reminiscent of those seen in music from The Weeknd, and spoken word-esque vocals make for a darn good pop song. Written about how the strain of relationships can do more good than harm, A Little More Into This is a powerful, creative anthem that deserves to be played loud. Giving it their all from the get-go gives listeners high hopes for the future of Names; whatever will they do next?

On the release, bassist Tom commented:

We couldn’t wait to get this song out; we wanted it to feel like you’re driving fast through a city with lights blurring around you. It was written at a time of lockdown when we wanted to produce something that would put you somewhere completely different from that situation; being stuck indoors, not being able to go anywhere, this song was a reaction to that in many ways – something fast, something energetic and relentless.