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JAWS THE SHARK Shares New Single ‘Cold Feet’

Oozing with raw intensity and raucous energy, Jaws The Shark brings a cavernous sound to the indie world with his latest track, Cold Feet.

Jaws The Shark

Photo: Rob Crawford

Cold Feet marks the second reveal from Jaws The Shark‘s upcoming debut EP, set to arrive early next year.

Underpinned with driving rhythms and grittiness, Cold Feet is a massive song, touching upon the theme of inner paranoia. The adrenaline-charged rush of searing guitars and galloping drums hits the ether from the get-go, whilst the vocals add more heat to the punk-inspired vibe of the track. Buzzing with infectious energy and immediacy, Cold Feet is an absolute indie heavy-hitter that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Speaking on the new single, JTS shares:

‘Cold Feet’ is about the inner paranoia that we all face from time to time after a little too much fun on the sauce the night before!