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Daily Archives: November 5, 2021

Brooke Combe

BROOKE COMBE Releases Powerful Track ‘Impress You’

Defying societal beauty standards and the toxicity of the male gaze, this stunning single underlines the suffocating pressures women are under to conform to patriarchal ideals. Born in Edinburgh but now based in East and Midlothian, Brooke Combe is a 21-year-old soulful singer-songwriter who discovered

Alfie Templeman - Camden Assembly London - GIG GOER 2021

Live: ALFIE TEMPLEMAN // Camden Assembly, London

The promise of an upcoming sensation – Alfie Templeman effortlessly took over London’s Camden Assembly at an intimate sold-out show. A Monday night mosh pit is probably not where many people would choose to put themselves, least of all in the midst of a pandemic. For the fortunate

WESTLIFE Are Back – An Intro to the Irish Boyband

Westlife are back! Having fallen victim to some of the worst timing in musical history (outside of John Barnes’s rapping on World In Motion, of course), the beloved boyband are back at it again. Westlife‘s last LP, Spectrum, dropped in November 2019. This was meant to