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LONDON MARS Shares Musing Track ‘Alexandria’

With a guitar-heavy chorus and a stripped-back bridge, this single is an introspective exploration of the contrast between Alexandria’s and London’s realities.

London Mars 2021

London Mars is an American alternative/indie artist who has been singing and playing piano since the mere age of five. Commuting back and forth between her hometown of Oklahoma City and Los Angeles to record music at just sixteen years old, London has undeniably always been determined to create and share her sound with the world. As well as studying at the Berklee College of Music, London has also gained musical experience by opening on tour for acts like Charlotte Sands and Arrested Youth. Inspired by iconic artists such as Freddie Mercury, Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morisette and My Chemical Romance, London’s sound is a fusion of emotive pop-punk and her infectiously rebellious attitude.

Newly signed to Sadboy Records, London’s debut release on the label is her newest single Alexandria. Deeply contemplative of the idea that small choices can have significant and long-lasting impacts, London ponders how, if she had been named Alexandria, her life might have been simpler. Lyrically wearing her heart on her sleeve, London passionately sings “Alexandria, hope you’re having fun, here’s the truth, wish I was you.”

Stay tuned for more electrifying and thought-provoking music from London Mars, as Alexandria is a mere taste of the compelling releases that are to come.