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FINCHES Charms With New Single ‘Simp Song’

A woozy anthem for the modern age, Simp Song is the charming new single from Finches.

Finches 2021

London-based Finches makes his glimmering debut with Simp Song, a heartwarming and slightly coy track that transforms insecurity and a desire for validation into a swooning sound. Bringing a sound that incorporates lo-fi elements and a bedroom pop chill, it’s like cotton candy in musical form with the way it gently gives and the lingering sweetness of the notes. It’s a sound that has found its roots through time, as Finches explains:

I took a long time trying to perfect my sound, I was forcing it to be too individual and different, but since the pandemic I’ve resorted back to my roots and have been making music that I enjoy more than ever.

Lyrically, Simp Song provides a platform to explore a more unspoken side of masculinity, one that requires a bit more delicacy and care in handling as it looks at the urge to feel accepted and adored in relationships. As much as we may want to deny our dependence upon others, this track is a soft encouragement that it’s ok to embrace our reliance, and that we’re all humans with emotional needs.

Speaking more about the track, Finches share:

Over the last year, the way I approach expression and my own sense of masculinity changed, I learnt to look into my expression of vulnerability as authentic, genuine and more in touch with my fragile side.