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Irresistibly upbeat and dazzlingly captivating, this track is filled with exquisite vocal harmonies, swirling melodies and good vibes.

Chloe Moriondo x Thomas Headon x Alfie Templeman

Individually, Chloe Moriondo, Thomas Headon and Alfie Templeman are all Gen-Z alt-pop superstars who have accumulated dedicated fanbases across the globe. Together, their positive energy is absolutely unstoppable and their joyful, collaborative single Dizzy embraces the indie artists’ unfiltered passion and idiosyncrasies.

Produced by Alfie Templeman and The Six, this infectious track truly embodies the imaginative nature of Alfie, Chloe and Thomas’ songwriting styles. Consisting of their individual quirks and charming auras, it is no surprise that Dizzy is such a smile-inducing song because the trio’s collective exuberance is so influential.

Chloe Moriondo comments on the collaboration:

Alfie and Thomas are such SWEET LITTLE BRITISH BOYS, I am very blessed to have them on this silly lil tune!! It was really fun workshopping lyrics for it over Zoom and putting random shit in the shared note we used.

Thomas Headon adds:

It’s been super exciting to be on ‘Dizzy’ with Chloe and Alfie, they’re great friends of mine already so to now have a song with the three of us is so cool. It’s fun and feels new and is also just really catchy, we had a lot of fun making it and I can’t wait til we can all play it together one day.

Alfie Templeman also shares:

It’s crazy to think we wrote the majority of this on a Zoom call. I had so much fun finishing the production on it at home. There’s something super special about this song and I think people my age will really be able to relate to it and understand it.

Be sure to also check out the vibrantly-coloured and undeniably cute animated lyric video for Dizzy, which was directed and illustrated by the incredible Eliza Williams and brought to life by the uber-talented animator Knifeson Yu.