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LUCY MAIR Stuns With Angelic Single ‘Be Here’

Showcasing Lucy Mair’s divine vocals, this track is an alluring lullaby which is perfect for twilight listening or much-needed moments of relaxation.

Lucy Mair

Renowned for her introspective lyricism and jazz-infused pop idiosyncrasies, Lucy Mair consistently stuns with her soulful vocals. As well as being picked for a plethora of BBC Introducing showcases, Lucy has also supported fellow British artists Tom Walker and Tom Grennan on tour.

Lucy’s newest single Be Here is the musical epitome of paradise, due to its integration of Lucy’s heavenly vocal harmonies in the gentle backdrop of lo-fi beats and softly-strummed guitars. Mixing the relatability of mundane everyday tasks with the individual art of introspection, Lucy sublimely sings “I dyed my roots, bleached them bone dry, then I tried to analyse the truth.”

Not only are Lucy’s lyrical narratives always entirely believable, but they are effortlessly engaging and you feel compelled to listen to her meaningful storytelling.