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AS IT IS Share Gritty New Single ‘In Threes’

With dark electronic undertones and haunting lyrics, As It Is share their newest release In Threes.

As It Is 2021

Sonic development is a natural progression for any band, and the same certainly applies for As It Is. Their latest single, In Threes, sees a departure from their earliest pop-punk roots but still maintains their integral songwriting style as they gear up to release their fourth album I WENT TO HELL AND BACK on February 4th 2022. Swapping driving drums for creepy electronics and eerie melodies, In Threes creates a dramatic atmosphere that wouldn’t sound out of place in a horror movie soundtrack. As lead vocalist Patty Walters laments, ‘tragedy comes in threes’, you’ll feel the chill of the track bite into you and leave you gripping on. Teaming up with Cody Carson from Set It Off and Jordy Purp, it also draws out the uniqueness of each musician to create a spellbinding final effect.

Speaking more about the inspiration behind the track, Patty explains that the track was inspired “by spending too much time all alone in your head. You start to build an alternate reality, where what’s ‘true’ is twisted and contorted, and after enough time, it becomes reality. And it leaves you hurt and spiteful and violent and numb. It’s an intensely dark listen, both lyrically and musically, but it was a total opposition experience to create.”

Bandmate Ronnie Ish continues:

It’s about internal fires that start inside of our heads with having zero energy and no interest in extinguishing. Instead, we let the fire spread, consuming every room inside our mind and let it burn down everything inside. It’s about accepting defeat, making a bed in the darkness, and succumbing to that alternate reality.