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ARCTIC LAKE Stun With New Single ‘Breathe’

Bringing in hushed vocals and suspended electronics, Breathe is the tendering new single from Arctic Lake.

Arctic Lake

Alternative pop duo Arctic Lake lay bare a startling honesty and vulnerability in their tendering new single Breathe. It’s a striking track that takes what the duo does best, and transforms it into a beautiful and hushed piece where every note and breath feels deliberately placed. There’s a feeling that everything is perfectly balanced, as a continuous and murmuring momentum is juxtaposed against an overall stillness that settles you and draws you into an embrace of ease. The beauty of Breathe lies in the clarity of the piercing emotions and the unbarred presentation of such rawness, as it doesn’t attempt anything radical yet still snatches your breath away.

The slow-burning song tracks the narrative of one partner pleading with another who’s closed off, yearning for more connection and intimacy as vocalist Emma Foster begs ‘Can I find what’s underneath, won’t you let me know you?’. You’ll find your own heart breaking at the simplicity of the requests, including ‘I’m just wanting you to hold me’, as the burning embers are made evident through ardent electronics and you’re offered a sense of the emotional depths. Even if you’ve never had such experiences yourself, the stirring nature of the track will make you feel like you’ve gone through the heartbreak personally, and you’ll be swept off your feet once again by Arctic Lake.