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Architects 2018

ARCHITECTS Share Video for ‘Royal Beggars’

Sharing striking visuals, you’ll be hit hard by the newest Architects single Royal Beggars. Brighton quintet Architects have released their second single Royal Beggars off their upcoming album Holy Hell, which will be released on November 9th. In signature Architects’ style, it’s a hard-hitting song that will leave all sorts of tumultuous emotions

Black Peaks All That Devides

Album Review // BLACK PEAKS ‘All That Divides’

Black Peaks release their sophomore album All That Divides, a powerful exploration into the feelings that accompany pertinent political matters, and it’s sure to leave you gasping for breath. Conveying the band’s worries about the uncertain future in light of recent political events, All That Divides is a


GRANDSON Releases Video for ‘6:00’

Your mind will be left reeling after you watch the video put out by grandson for his single 6:00. The newest video from grandson certainly isn’t a light watch, and aims to provoke dialogue with its challenging themes. Acting as a commentary on police brutality, especially against minorities,


MARSICANS Reveal New Video for ‘Suburbs’

A glimpse into the more mundane aspect of Marsicans life as they tour North America, there’s a vintage quality to the video that you can’t help but be charmed by. Indie outfit Marsicans are back to thrill with their newest visuals for Suburbs. With its charismatic vocals and

Normandie 2018

Band Of The Week // NORMANDIE

Gearing up for the release of their sophomore album White Flag, Swedish rockers Normandie share new video for Enough. If you’re after a groundbreaking rock sound, look no further than our band of the week Normandie. Releasing their third single and video Enough from their upcoming album White Flag, set

The Faim

On Tour with THE FAIM

Perth rockers The Faim have been extremely busy this year, kicking off their first ever tour in April and making multiple festival debuts over summer.  There’s no doubt that the band has appeared on everyone’s radar, and with their debut EP Summer Is A Curse,

HELLOGOODBYE Reveal Intimate Visuals for ‘Close’

In a series of stunning scenes, Hellogoodbye explore the meanings of Close. Hellogoodbye have unveiled the video for Close, taken off their upcoming album S’Only Natural which is set to be released on October 5th. A delicately balanced ballad, the poignant lyricisim settles between swathes of tranquil electronics and tender vocals.


HELLIONS Reveal Video for ‘Smile’

The Australian quartet have unveiled the visuals for Smile and perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s every bit as infectious as the track. When Hellions wrote of their new music video: Indeterminable entertainment: a dozen poses and a soapbox cheap and sedative stimulation coming at an almighty cost We weren’t entirely sure

Bury Tomorrow 2018

BURY TOMORROW Reveal New Video for ‘More Than Mortal’

Taken off their recent fifth album, More Than Mortal receives a dark visual makeover. Bury Tomorrow have unveiled the thought-provoking visuals for the third single from their recent album, Black Flame. As the scenes progress, one thing that remains constant is the invasive nature of the video as