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Live: HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS // Electric Ballroom, London

The Ohio quartet took the capital along for an emotional ride as they filled the Electric Ballroom with a selection of emo tunes. There’s something special about singing cathartic emo tracks live alongside a band that has been monumental in defining the genre, so when Hawthorne

Live: OUR LAST NIGHT // Electric Ballroom, London

It may have been a while since Our Last Night made their last live appearance, but this only worked in the band’s favour as it fuelled an unforgettable performance at London’s Electric Ballroom on Thursday night. Jumping around, there was never a still moment and the band

Live: HANDS LIKE HOUSES // Electric Ballroom, London

Australian rockers Hands Like Houses definitely brought the heat to London on Thursday night. Bringing an energy-packed live set, it was as frontman Trenton Woodley exclaimed: “it’s a sweatfest up here!”. The band proved that the dynamic of the room was completely in their control, as they took

Amethysts 2018

AMETHYSTS Delight with New Single ‘How It Is’

A delightful slice of mellow electro-pop, the new single from Amethysts is a charm that you can’t resist. Amethysts unveil their newest offering, How It Is, an exquisite electro-pop piece that will wrap around you with ambient tones and sparkling synths. Dazzles of guitar filter through

Free Money 2018

FREE MONEY Release New Single ‘I Got U’

I Got U is the newest exuberant single from Free Money, and it simply demands you to lose yourself in the swathes of breezy guitars and rolling bass. Anyone else feeling the tropical breeze? Oh wait, it’s just the newest single from Free Money. I Got U marks the


CATCH FIRE Unveil New Single ‘Fault Line’

Brimming with delectable melodies and unabashed honesty, the emotive new single from Catch Fire provides a cathartic release. Following the release of previous singles Heist, Malignance, and Petrifaction, Catch Fire return with brand new material in the form of Fault Line. The single is the fourth to be taken from upcoming

Normandie White Flag

Album Review // NORMANDIE ‘White Flag’

A culmination of two years of writing and recording, White Flag sees the Swedish quartet honing in on their unique sound to produce a stunning sophomore effort. The feeling of giving up is one that has struck all of us at some point in life. Swedish rockers Normandie