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Postiljonen 2018

POSTILJONEN Dazzle with New Single ‘Chasing Stars’

Chasing Stars marks the outfit’s first new material since their acclaimed 2016 album Reverie, and they’ve returned with even more charm and lustre. The Scandinavian dream pop trio Postiljonen may span two countries between the three of them, but the expansive nature of their music is sure to span

Memphis May Fire 2018

MEMPHIS MAY FIRE Share Visuals for ‘The Old Me’

The brand new video from Memphis May Fire brings a cinematic flourish to the track, breathing a deeper layer of interpretation to it. American hard rockers Memphis May Fire are gearing up to release their sixth studio album, Broken, which will be out on November 16th via

Lady Bird 2018

LADY BIRD Unveil New Track ‘Reprisal’

Bringing a political kick, post punkers Lady Bird share new track and video for Reprisal. Kent’s punk trio Lady Bird are certainly resembling their namesake in their ability to create soaring riffs and continue their upward trajectory of success. With their newest single Reprisal, it is sure to see


The latest single from Dancing On Tables will make you want to dance on a table along to its rhythmic grooves and infectious riffs. Dunfermline indie-pop act Dancing On Tables have released their latest single Stereo, and it checks all the boxes of a great indie-pop anthem. With

Sorry 2018

SORRY Unveil Video for ‘Starstruck’

The newest single and video from Sorry is sure to leave you breathless. London-based band Sorry have released a seductive new single and video in the form of Starstruck. With catchy repetitive vocals, you’ll find yourself hooked in by the sultry beats and airy vocals. Opening with an

Kidsmoke 2018

KIDSMOKE Release Shimmering New Single ‘Rising Sun’

Gloriously uplifting, the newest Kidsmoke single will pull you into an indie dream. Welsh dream-pop quartet Kidsmoke bring out their soaring newest single Rising Sun. The track is the first to be taken off their upcoming album, which is currently pencilled in to be released next year. Delivering

Foxe 2018

FOXE Share New Video for ‘Frequency’

Brace yourself for a fun car journey with Foxe, as they take you for a ride with their latest video for Frequency. London-based pop trio FOXE have unveiled the sprightly visuals for their latest single. Frequency comes after a six month break from the band, and it crashes into

Black Peaks 2018

BLACK PEAKS Release Video for New Single ‘Fate I’

Featuring footage from their live shows, the Fate I video is a great representation of the energy possessed by Black Peaks. Drawing upon a more melodic side, the newest single Fate I from Brighton’s Black Peaks is a powerful masterpiece that brings many of the band’s strengths to the forefront.

The Shantics 2018

THE SHANTICS Release Humorous Video for ‘Heaven’

The newest video from The Shantics is sure to give you the giggles. London-based rock quartet The Shantics bring out their latest smile-inducing video for their single Heaven. The single is inspired by the story of Steve Callahan, a divorcee who decided to sail the world to discover who