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Speelburg 2018

SPEELBURG Releases New Track ‘Headlights’

Playful and oozing with charisma, there’s no resisting the charm of Speelburg and his newest single Headlights. American/Belgian born Noah Sacré, crafting under the moniker Speelburg, is back with his newest track Headlights. The single is the second to be lifted from his forthcoming mixtape Character Actor, which will

kwassa 2019

KWASSA Shares Groovy New Single ‘sad songs’

When you think of sad songs, bouncy beats and upbeat melodies don’t tend to be the first thing that comes to mind but somehow when kwassa does it, it feels so right. Although he’s only released one prior track under his newest moniker kwassa, Scott Verrill


Band Of The Week // MARSICANS

The fear of being left behind is a familiar one, and Marsicans take on this with their latest single Your Eyes.  Indie quartet Marsicans continue their upward trajectory with their newest single Your Eyes, an introspective track with deceptively upbeat accompaniment. On the surface, the gleaming guitars and


BLOXX Return with New Single ‘Headspace’

Who knew heartbreak could sound this uplifting? Indie quartet Bloxx return with their newest single Headspace. Lifted from their debut EP of the same name, it’s an uplifting cut that shows a poppier face of the band’s sound and we’re all here for it. There’s no doubt