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BEARINGS Release New Single ‘Where You Are’

Canadian rockers Bearings release their heart-pounding new track Where You Are. Following the release of their previous single Aforementioned, Bearings return with more material from their upcoming debut album in the form of Where You Are. Their debut album, titled Blue In The Dark, is set to be released on October

EP Review // FIZZY BLOOD ‘Pink Magic’

Oozing with charisma, there’s definitely some magic happening on Fizzy Blood’s third EP, suitably titled Pink Magic. Leeds quintet Fizzy Blood have certainly been making some waves in the UK DIY scene, and with their third EP Pink Magic, it is sure to propel them to further heights.

Stand Atlantic 2018

STAND ATLANTIC Announce Debut Album ‘Skinny Dipping’

Stand Atlantic treat us to the first taste of their debut album in the form of Lavender Bones. The Australian trio Stand Atlantic bring out a new single and video in the form of Lavender Bones. Sharing emotional truths through catchy melodies, it’s a pop-punk banger that

Counterparts Private Room EP

EP Review // COUNTERPARTS ‘Private Room’

The three track EP is dedicated to the fans who have supported the band no matter their antics. Canadian metal/hardcore band Counterparts acknowledge and thank their listeners in their newest EP Private Room. Although only three tracks long, the music makes up for the brevity as profound lyricism

Lady Bird

LADY BIRD Unveil Video for New Single ‘Boot Fillers’

A sonically raucous track, Boot Fillers offers depth in its commentary on father figures. Kent punk trio Lady Bird make some astute observations on broken homes and challenging relations with step fathers in their latest track Boot Fillers. Listeners are a given a personal insight through the lyrics, as singer

Kimono Loco

KIMONO LOCO Share Funky Single ‘Big Boy’

Playful and full of energy, get ready to move along to the latest single from Kimono Loco. Lifted from their upcoming EP, Kimono Loco have shared the first single Big Boy and it’s a delightful tease of what to expect. Produced by the acclaimed Irish producer and Westwood

the wombats

THE WOMBATS Reveal New Single ‘Bee-Sting’

Ahead of their UK arena tour, The Wombats have treated us to their new single Bee-Sting. The Wombats release yet another indie banger, this time in the form of Bee-Sting. With an infectious chorus and relaxed instrumentals, the band once again show their penchant for writing memorable hooks.

Boy Bjorn

BOY BJORN Shares New Single ‘Now I’m Running’

Prepare for washes of euphoria in the latest single from Boy Bjorn, Now I’m Running. We’re treated to a more upbeat side to the music of Boy Bjorn with his latest single Now I’m Running. Having previously released the poignant singles Anchorage and Alone At The Severance, listeners are familiar with