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HOMEBOUND Share New Single ‘Change of Heart’

Homebound tease listeners with what to expect from their upcoming EP, sharing new single Change Of Heart.  Farmham’s Homebound share rousing single Change Of Heart, the second cut from their hotly anticipated More To Me Than Misery EP, set to be released on August 17th via Rude Records. It’s

Ice Nine Kills 2018

ICE NINE KILLS Announce New Album ‘The Silver Scream’

It’s quite literally a new chapter for Ice Nine Kills, as they announce their horror movie-inspired album with a music video for The American Nightmare. Ice Nine Kills are no strangers to dramatics, and they only push at this in their first single, The American Nightmare. The single

PALE WAVES Unveil New Track ‘Noises’

Dreamy goth-pop floats through the speakers for the newest single released by Pale Waves, Noises. Pale Waves have released their latest single Noises in the wake of a string of tour announcements for the UK, Ireland, Europe, and North America. With dreamy synth beats and captivating vocals, there’s a

FATHERSON Stun with New Single ‘Making Waves’

With massive chords and an arena-worthy chorus, Fatherson give listeners an idea of what to expect from their recently announced new album, Sum Of All Your Parts. Fatherson have announced their third album, Sum Of All Your Parts, which will be released on September 14th. To prepare

GOD ALONE Share New Single ‘Heavy Metal’

Raucous and experimental, God Alone show us that music isn’t always about the dramatic. Guitars chug on tirelessly in the newest track released by God Alone, Heavy Metal which is set to be released off their album Bent Shoulders on July 20th. Despite what the title may suggest, the

Bury Tomorrow 2018

BURY TOMORROW Unleash New Single ‘The Age’

The metalcore giants have pushed at a more melodic sound in their latest single, The Age.  Bury Tomorrow have long since established themselves as one of the leading figures in the metalcore scene, and their new single The Age only acts to cement that title. The third track

ALL TIME LOW Surprise with New Single ‘Birthday’

All Time Low surprise release their newest single Birthday; this wasn’t expected by anyone, but hey we’re not complaining when All Time Low drop a banging summer tune. All Time Low have dropped an unexpected new single in what is potentially the sweetest way; the band had